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What do you do in Traffic?

I looked through the window from the heat-ladden bus where I rode home after work on Wednesday evening. We were caught up in the usual Lagos hold-up on the Third Mainland Bridge as we headed for the mainland. Barely had we neared UNILAG that I noticed from other moving vehicles the rate of people’s addiction to their cell phones.

Actually, I found that evening that there were three classes of passengers in the various moving vehicles – those who were fast asleep in their cars and public transports either due to fatigue or some other form of stress from work. These scene can also be noticed very early in the morning from the hours of 4am to 7am every weekday and can be attributed to insufficient sleep at night.

The second class of passengers are those who were engrossed in their gist. Another category of persons who are analogous to this class are passengers in commercial buses who are either exchanging words with each other or fighting the “conductor” over the fares.

The last class of passengers are the jet age passengers who are whiling away their time either listening to music from their phones, browsing/pinging or better still, composing articles like this from their smart phones. Such people find fulfilment articulating short write-ups because it is done out of FREE time.